Where do you ship?

Currently, we ship within Australia, New Zealand, UK, US and Canada only. For those outside of these zones who have found your way to our little corner of the world and have your heart set on one (or more!) of our products please email us and we will see what we can do to assist you.

How much is shipping and packaging?

Paddington Lane offers free standard shipping for all orders over $99 (AU, NZ, UK, US and CA only).

For any Australian or New Zealand orders under $99, we offer a flat rate of $9.95.

UK, US and Canadian orders under $99 will be at the Australia Post calculated rate with no additional fees. 

How quickly will you dispatch my order?

We aim to pick and pack your order within 24 hours, so you get your order quickly! We even offer same day shipping on orders before 2pm AEST.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

All parcels are sent directly from Paddington Lane HQ in Sydney, Australia. Generally, orders take around 2-4 business days via Australia Post for domestic capital cities and 4-7 business days for regional areas (and WA, NT), depending on how busy the postal networks are. International orders will naturally vary depending on distance and logistical decisions taken by Australia Post. 

Can I get Express Shipping?

Yes, of course! Simply choose Express Shipping as an option on the shipping page at the online checkout.

Can I track my order?

Yes, all orders can be tracked. Once you have placed your order, a Confirmation Email will be sent with your order details and a tracking number.

Which postal service will be used to ship my parcel?

We use Australia Post as our shipping provider. If you would prefer a specific courier to deliver your order, please email us before you place your order, and we’ll always do our best to accommodate you.

If there is a problem with my order, who do I contact?

For any order-related queries, please email us. We will get back to you within 24 hours. Please make sure you have your Confirmation Email as a reference.

What happens if I enter the incorrect shipping address during checkout?

If your order has already been completed, please email us as soon as you notice any incorrect order information. We will do our best to have your order re-directed, however in some instances we will need to wait until your order is delivered and ‘returned to sender’ before we can have it re-sent out to the correct address.

Do you have a physical store?

We are currently an online only store.

Can I change my order once I have made my purchase online?

Payments for online orders are made through our secure payments platform, which means we do not store your credit card details and cannot make alterations that would affect the cost of existing orders. However, we may be able to accommodate certain requests if you email us early enough. You will have to be quick as we do our best to get your order out as quickly as possible. Once it’s left our HQ, we won’t be able to retrieve it.

What happens if my parcel does not arrive at all or is later than I expected?

If your parcel goes missing, we will lodge a formal track and trace which can take up to five business days to complete.

If Australia Post does not deliver to the outlined time frames and your order is later than expected, we cannot be held liable for any damages as postal system delays are out of our control. You can lodge a formal complaint, as the owner of the parcel with shipping carrier themselves.

What is After Pay?

Full information about these ‘Shop Now, Pay Later’ payment plan options can be found here.



The product I am after is sold out on the website. Can you help?

Yes! Please email us and tell us which product(s) you’re after, as well as your location, and we’ll do our best to assist you. If it’s not just one of those annoying website glitches and there really is no stock left within the business we can tell you if and when we are expecting a future delivery. Otherwise, we can gladly recommend an alternative product from within the range.

How do I care for my sheets?

Check out our Product Care page where you’ll find all the care instructions you need. This will ensure your sheets are given the perfect level of care to assist you in getting the best out of your favourite Paddington Lane bedding.

What is a Reversible Flat Sheet/Duvet Cover?

Because we believe in value for money, we have designed a flat sheet and a duvet cover that can be used in multiple ways.

Reversible Flat Sheet. Break up your patterned fitted sheet using the crisp white solid colour trim panel that perfectly complements our patterns. Or, turn your sheet around to use the traditional long hem of a flat sheet.

Reversible Duvet Cover. Our Reversible Duvet Covers feature a stunning pattern on the top side, with a hand-picked, custom-printed solid colour that perfectly complements the pattern on the underside. When combined with our patterned Pillow Cases and solid colour Pillow Cases, you can choose to dress your bed a total of four different ways, for four different moods.

Should I consider thread counts when buying bed linen?

Don’t believe a lot of what you hear about thread counts – most of it is utter rubbish. Here at Paddington Lane we pride ourselves on being honest about our products and would like to dispel a common myth for you.

Myth: the higher the thread count, the better the quality and softness of the fabric.

Fact: the higher an advertised thread count is, the higher the chance you’re being lied to.

The truth is simple, and it’s all in the math.

An honest 250-thread count sheet has 125 vertical threads and 125 horizontal threads. When you see an advertised thread count of 750, you can bet the fabric still has 125 vertical threads, and 125 horizontal threads. The difference is that each individual thread is three ply – meaning a single thread is made up of three smaller threads all twisted together. So, your 250-thread count becomes 750 when multiplied by three.

Now, you might think this is great, perhaps it makes it stronger… Nope! These smaller threads are often made up of cheaper, and much less durable thread that requires the makers to mask this fact by twisting more together.

What is the thread count of Paddington Lane sheets?

The thread count of our sheets is 133 x 72 (diagonal twill weave).

At Paddington Lane we choose to use a premium, longer staple cotton which means, when all things are said and done, there are less fibres exposed resulting in a sheet that doesn’t have that scratchy cotton feel. Because of the premium quality, our sheets will actually get softer as you wash them.

Where is Paddington Lane bed linen designed?

All of our Paddington Lane products are designed right here in Australia with a focus on quality and a commitment to innovation. We believe in using the best possible resources available to us, including the latest research to come out of the textile industry.

We work closely with our partners and suppliers to ensure our customers are understood and are of the highest priority. All of our reputable partners share our drive for modern, high tech, and quality products that ensure Paddington Lane stands out from the crowd.

What does it mean to be Oeko-Tex certified?

For a product to be labelled as Oeko-Tex certified, it has to be completely free from harmful chemicals and safe for human use. Kind of scary if you are buying something that isn’t certified right?

To attain Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification, the fabric has been tested and certified to be free from harmful levels of more than 100 substances known to be harmful to human health.

To check a company’s certification details or expiry you can use this site. Our certification details are: BEHO 076731.